July 16, 2024

Thanks to the internet, planning a party has become easier and more fun. The days of spending painstaking hours searching for an appropriate venue for your event and mailing invitations to your guests are long gone. Today, we have a host of digital tools that can help you plan your party without leaving the comfort of your home. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best tools designed to plan the perfect bash!


Trello is a great tool to organise your ideas and manage your workflow. With Trello, you can create different lists and put cards in each list. Each card represents a task to be done, tasks already done, or tasks you’ve delegated to others. You can then move cards from list to list as they get completed.

For example, if you’re planning an event for your company, you could have three lists: contact bands for hire, set up ticketing, and send out invites. When you’re done with a task, just move the card representing it to the next list. Trello integrates with several other apps. Using those tools along with Trello should be easy!

Google Drive

Keeping track of all the details can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned party planner. But it doesn’t have to be! Use Google Drive to organise all of your plans in one easy place. Make folders for each aspect of your event, from recipes and decorations to maps and catering contracts. You won’t have to dig through random papers in your purse when you realise you forgot where you stashed the addresses for the caterers.

Google Drive allows you to share information about your party with your friends. Everyone can contribute their insights without planning a schedule around a specific day and time. You can also assign tasks to people and send them reminders, so no one forgets about their role in making this party a success.


Eventbrite is a tool that takes the hassle out of inviting people to your party. It’s super easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about having no one show up because they forgot the date. You can even add the location and allow people to RSVP, so you know how many people will be there. And it’s free to use as long as you don’t charge people to attend your event. Otherwise, it costs 2% of every ticket sold plus 99 cents per ticket sold.


Several online tools can help make the process of putting together a party less of a headache. The three options we’ve listed in our article are just a few, but they’re all excellent. Take some time to browse through them and find the one best suited to your summer soiree!
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Aidan Anthony

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