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Rules And Regulation Of Flea Market Vendors

Oct 22, 2021

When applying for the free market, one should fill in their full names, phone number, business email, and plan to sell. Lastly, they also have to ensure that they have the business license and the health department permit.  The business permit will confirm that they are trained to have the ability to sell a kind of stuff while the health department permit from the health facility permits them to sell a type of stuff.

To have a space for a vendor will need a flea market vendor application needs some registration fee that is paid before beginning the business. The registration fee tends to be high for those vendors with vehicles because they will need a parking zone.

Even after getting an opportunity to sell kinds of stuff, the business still has some rules and regulations to be followed. Listed below are some of them.

  1. Market guidelines.

The operator of the flea market determines the market location, hours, and dates of operation. The available parking spaces are inadequate, and those vendors with vehicles are given priority.

Vending and membership fee is collected and sent by the Flagstaff Urban Flea Market (FUFM) and its managers have the power to revoke or suspend a vendor’s right to sell. At the same time, the spaces are assigned by Flagstaff Community Markets (FCM).

  1. Vendor guidelines

The vendors should make sure that they have completed and signed their registration. They should also ensure that they have their licenses with them and their health department permit. Adding to it, they should have insurance for their business and a copy of the rules and regulations of the FUFM. The vendors should keep in mind that there are no refunds of registration or application fee and that parking is not guaranteed for anyone arriving late.

They will not be allowed to set up if they do not have a license, insurance, or required fees. In addition, they are not allowed to smoke 20 feet from the parking station.

  1. Vendor selection

After receiving the application, the FUFM will review and decide whether to accept or reject it. The FUFM will ensure that there is a balance of the types of vendors, either diverse or complementary; this will thus limit the sale of certain types of products. All those vendors whose applications were rejected will be refunded back their application fee.

  1. Stall guidelines

Vendors will not begin to sell until the market manager says so. They are expected to maintain a high standard of honesty and respect towards the customers and one another.

  1. Market safety.

The vendors should not set up earlier than 7: 30 AM. Anyone arriving late will have no available space to park. They are responsible for the safety of their belongings, pets, and children. All food vendors must carry with them additional commercial insurance from the Flagstaff Community Markets.

In conclusion, the Flea market vendor allows everyone to apply for a vacancy in selling staff, and the application could either be rejected or approved for various reasons. The committee also has multiple rules and regulations discussed above, ensuring that the vendors carry on their transactions with ease.

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